A stronger focus on culture in Norway

An article about new cultural perspectives in ICDP training was published on the webpage of the RVTS professional resource centre whose work is on violence, trauma and suicide prevention. The article is in Norwegian and it can be found by following this link: http://www.rvtsvest.no/fokus-pa-kultur-pa-samling-for-icdp-rettleiarar/

Main points from the article:

ICDP trainers are now required to develop some new cultural competences in order to meet the needs of the increasingly multicultural Norwegian society.

Accordingly, the ICDP training and certification processes have undergone modifications; the training was extended from four to six days, and a cultural perspective was integrated in the programme. The new course provides trainers with a deeper understanding about different cultural perspectives expecting them to apply this new knowledge in their work with caregivers.

At a recent meeting of ICDP trainers (on photo above) the following topics were discussed:

- Culture, values, attitudes 

- Cultural sensitivity and communication 

- Using an interpreter 

- Typical cultural differences 

- Migration: Challenges and Opportunities 

- Role of parents as members of a new cultural context 

- Adaptation methods and potential conflicts 

- Violence in close relationships and other serious limitations of child and adolescent freedom 

- How to talk about violence and other taboo topics in counseling groups

Comments from ICDP trainer Mahabad Hamasor (on photo above) who attended the meeting:

“I work with children and youth at the Ny Krohnborg kindergarten and have been an ICDP trainer since 2006. I have benefited greatly from the ICDP programme, both in my work in the nursery, and at home with my own children. We are very satisfied with the programme.

The ICDP programme has eight concrete topics for parents. I think about the first topics in particular, the ones concerning showing positive feelings and how to show that you love your child. For me this was useful, since in Kurdistan, where I'm from, it is not natural to show feelings in the same way. It was useful to look at different ways of showing love to your child.

Having meetings such as this one, where one brings in a cultural perspective is particularly useful. We need to update ourselves, to meet more ICDP trainers and share experiences with them.”