A productive year for ICDP Finland

Read the report about the work of our colleagues in Finland.

2016 was a busy and exciting year for ICDP Finland!

We have teamed up with our Nordic colleagues to found the ICDP Norden organization. The objectives of this organization are to support collaboration between Nordic countries, to secure the quality of ICDP, to further the status of the programme and to stimulate research and programme development. The first Nordic meeting was held in Oslo on 23rd of November, attended by representatives from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

On national level, ICDP has been taking part in discussions about the forming of the Finnish government’s project LAPE, an effort to streamline and support municipal and state services to families and children in the country.

ICDP training in Finland has reached impressive numbers: there are 17 educators, 130 facilitators and about 350 professionals who received the basic 4-day ICDP-training.

Many ICDP educators and facilitators around the country conducted training and ran groups in their work places during the course of the year. In addition, the ICDP Finland Association trained 7 facilitators involved in the Joy of Parenthood-project in Porvoo, and provided in-service training for facilitators at the Kårkulla samkommun (a service and care provider for people with disabilities in the Swedish speaking part of Finland) to help the previously trained facilitators keep up their good work; the focus was on issues regarding the programme's implementation within the organization.

A new book, a guide for parents of youth aged 13-18 yrs., was translated and published in Finnish. In order to further support the spreading of the programme to the Finnish speaking parts of Finland, a great effort was put into publishing an ICDP training book in Finnish; the manuscript is now translated from Swedish and we are currently looking for finances to publish it.

On the 8th of April, several Finnish presenters and participants travelled to the first ICDP Nordic research seminar in Stockholm; there were 12 presentations illustrating how ICDP was applied in a number of different arenas and contexts. We were inspired by encouraging evidence  about the programme's effect inside and outside Nordic countries; particularly of the programme's potential in reducing violence.
On the 29 and 30th of September,  fourteen ICDP educators from many different parts of Finland gathered in Turku for the first Finnish "ICDP-educator gathering". The two days provided an opportunity for everyone to share their extensive experiences from working in different projects. We listened to lectures by educators on recent research related to the three dialogues of the ICDP programme and true to the ICDP spirit, everyone shared their favourite “golden exercise”, the one that had worked especially well during training!
The ICDP Finland website is a work in progress, please come and visit us at icdp.fi or find us through the new Nordic webpage http://icdp-norden.org/
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