An update on Bolivia

The ICDP group in Bolivia has been named the ICDP NETWORK, an entity recognized by ICDP International Foundation.

The ICDP Network is at present providing continuity to the implementation of the ICDP programme in Bolivia  which took place in 2015 and 2016, with very good results. The ICDP Network has established cooperation with the Norwegian Lutheran Mission and the Mission is funding the new initiative. The new project is building on the experience of the local religious organization ICEL dedicated to the integral care of the family and the intervention will take place from March till June 2017.

The ICDP team consists of 3 trainers and 20 facilitators and has been led by Gunn Strømme. The new plan for ICDP expansion has been outlined for the three areas where the ICDP work had already been taking place previously: Potosí, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. Click here to read their project plan in Spanish.

The new ICDP project has as its objective to facilitate processes that will lead caregivers to become aware of and improve their daily practices in the care of children, in order to:
1. Reactivate the parent / caregiver's interaction with the child, based on the principles of the ICDP programme.
2. Provide an enabling environment for people to expand and understand the world of children, strengthening the emotional bond between parents and children and reactivating principles and values that contribute to their children’s psychosocial development.

From the group of facilitators trained in 2016 at least 50% have continued replicating the ICDP programme with groups of parents in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and Potosí. Their achievements so far:
• Raised awareness of caregivers (mothers and foster care educators).
• Volunteers from different institutional spheres became ICDP facilitators, achieving certification as such.
• Significant changes in the Interaction Profile of caregivers. (see the interaction graph pre and post implementation on the photo above)
• Interest in its application in other populations, specifically in Health Centres.