Annual report 2016

ICDP annual report 2016 is now available.

In this report ICDP is once again providing a short account of its worldwide activities and by highlighting some of the work of our partner organizations we hope to illustrate the great value and scope of their efforts and at the same time to inspire others to follow suit.

Since our beginnings as an international organization in 1992, we have witnessed a very steady expansion of our work that has by now reached 55 countries. This expansion was only possible because our own vision had so often found resonance in enthusiastic individuals and organizations willing to engage in fruitful collaborations and partnerships all over the globe.
As a result, the ICDP programme and its humane messages of loving care, empathy and hope brought effective support to many thousands of caregivers, parents, professionals and to dozens of organizations working for children, young people and their families worldwide.

 – Nicoletta Armstrong, ICDP chairperson.

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