Annual report 2018

The ICDP Annual Report 2018 is available.

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Welcome to the ICDP annual report for the year 2018 - another fruitful year that saw ICDP in action worldwide. In 2018, the ICDP programme had presence in 41 countries; in 11 European countries, 9 African countries, 3 countries in the Middle East, 12 countries in the Americas and 6 Asian countries. In two countries, Norway and El Salvador, ICDP is run as a government programme institutionalized at national level. 

We held a very successful one week long international meeting for the Latin American ICDP Network; it was held in San Salvador, organized by the ISNA institute and UNICEF. The Scandinavian countries continue to hold yearly conferences with participation from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. In Ukraine the first ICDP network meeting took place in 2018 and it was very well received by all 60 participants. Similar networking events took place in China and Nepal gathering facilitators and trainers to exchange experiences and strengthen their ICDP work. In India, Save the Children organized a learning event at which we analysed the progress of their teams working with ICDP in Somalia, Burkina Faso, India, Nepal and Philippines.

2018 was also a year when a number of new evaluation studies were set up, and some of these have already been completed. For example, studies evaluating the impact of ICDP have already been carried out in India, Nepal and the Philippines and the reports will be ready in 2019. There are baseline studies in Somalia and Burkina Faso with plans for post intervention evaluation of ICDP. In Peru, a research project was testing out a new model for improving child development, by combining ICDP with health and nutrition interventions for children 0-3 in a low-income community of Pachacamac - their report will be available by summer 2019.  The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) has been recruiting ICDP facilitators for an ongoing RCT (randomized controlled trial) study of ICDP, which will be finalized in 2021. Several students are evaluating ICDP as part of their PhD studies. For example, in Oslo, Norway, Line Constance Holmsen is carrying out a research project that for the first time evaluates the impact of ICDP in context of care for the elderly. A new paper addressing the use of ICDP by health professionals was published in Norway in 2018. 

We now have over one hundred studies about ICDP in the document ICDP Evaluation Matrix:

ICDP materials were adapted to local context in several countries where large scale implementation of ICDP is underway. For example, ICDP Ukraine developed a special course which adapted ICDP to fit in with the country education system. ICDP China has worked over three years translating and adapting their ICDP materials, which were printed in 2018. In Norway, the ICDP booklet for caregivers was translated into 20 languages. I prepared a new set of ICDP materials for working with families of adolescents and we tested them out in a pilot project in cooperation with UNICEF and a local ICDP team in El Salvador. 

There are many other and diverse ICDP actions by partner organizations, local teams and in some cases individual trainers working alone. All are working very hard to reach out to caregivers and improve many children’s lives and this report reflects some of these achievements. Thank you to all who are keeping the ICDP flame alive! 

– Nicoletta Armstrong