Antioquia study

A new study about ICDP was prepared by Santiago Morales, a researcher and ICDP trainer at the FUNLAM University in Medellin.

The ICDP project was carried out between September 2014 and November 2015, and taking place in 4 municipalities:  Segovia and Remedios in the department of Antioquia and Tuchín and San Antero in Córdoba and in one settlement near Remedios called Costeñal. ICDP was used as a tool for the development of positive relationships and the prevention of violence within communities and families. 

Two foundations cooperated on the development of this ICDP project, the Fundación Oleoductos de Colombia (FODC) and Corporación Superarse.
FODC is a non-profit organization, created in 1990, sponsored by two pipeline companies. Its mission is to contribute to human and social development of the communities in the departments of Boyaca, Antioquia, Cordoba and Sucre. The Superarse Corporation is a private, not-profit organization, founded and legally constituted in Medellin in 1970, committed to the care of children and young people at high risk due to situations of abuse, violence or neglect.

The training in the ICDP programme was given to 100 families who also benefited from the microcredit programme and to 60 community leaders.

The study administered pre and post questionnaires to evaluate the application of the 8 guidelines by ICDP facilitators and caregivers who participated in an ICDP project in Antioquia.Before the beginning and at the end of the ICDP process there were meetings with ICDP facilitators and home visits to families for data collection.  Fifty eight people took part in the study. The study results showed more frequent use of the 8 guidelines after the programme was implemented.

The participants expressed their satisfaction with the project and a desire to continue to deepen aspects of personal and family development. The study recommends ICDP to continue working with families to strengthen the initiated psychosocial processes as the basis of social development in the 5 communities (Remedios, Segovia, Costeñal, San Antero and Tuchín).

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