Bolivia strengthened its network

ICDP Bolivia continues with its commitment in working for the benefit of families and children in the poor communities. 

They are still working in three areas of the country: in Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Potos√≠. The facilitators  reached nearly 200 families with the ICDP programme. 

During the second half of 2019, with the help of ICDP trainer Ilaina Ramirez, they carried out refresher courses for the three groups of facilitators. Through a very participatory activity, the practical and theoretical framework of the programme was deepened and all concerns were clarified through group work and sharing.

The ICDP facilitators reported that ICDP received very good reception from the trained parents. The ICDP values expressed in the 8 guidelines for good interaction were understood and adopted by most of the participant parents. They reported new and more positive attitudes towards their parenting role. There was a consensus that seeing their children as persons and treating them with empathy was the most important learning from the ICDP course.