Boyaca celebrates 15 years of ICDP

ICDP reached 123 municipalities of Boyacá over the years, and the determination to continue with ICDP is not wavering.

The ICDP trainer, Luis Fernando López Cardozo writes:

In the department of Boyacá, Colombia, many different activities are being carried out commemorating the fifteen years since the arrival of the ICDP programme to our department.

In this commemoration countless people have been participating. They have all been trained over the years in the different stages of the ICDP programme; caregivers, facilitators and trainers. The participants include leaders, community mothers of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, preschool teachers, elementary school teachers, early childhood technicians and mental health professionals. 

The main objective is to meet and share experiences, describe what we have been doing and have achieved so far, and to examine future challenges.

Our commitment is affirmed with the people who are caregivers, parents and families and while respecting their knowledge in terms of upbringing, we are working on spreading good treatment within a cultural and transcultural framework and promoting the rights of the child and the girl. The ICDP programme is our main instrument in this endeavour and we have achieved wide coverage and had good impact within families. 

We want to continue to build on the knowledge and experiences accumulated over the years, and hope to do that not only within Colombia and the Latin American network but also with the entire ICDP family.

Thank you ICDP for helping us to change the lives of many children and their families in our Boyacá department. The many challenges continue but our determination is unchanged to carry on working hard in order to effectively achieve that more and more adults accompany the children in a happier and healthier life.