Developing actions, achieving dreams

In Cañasgordas, Antioquia, Colombia, the ICDP programme is promoted by Health Centres through the devoted work of two directors Sergio Mauricio Osorio Ospina and María Victoria Cardona Ospina, both ICDP trainers.

The trainers apply the ICDP to provide support not only to children but also to elderly people, men groups, people with disabilities and vulnerable groups in the rural areas. Interestingly, ICDP became popular with several groups of working men, after the trainers visited them in their working environments delivering the ICDP programme by chatting informally during breaks or even whilst the men were working (see photo below).

“In our municipality of Cañasgordas, ICDP has been used in different contexts; in addition to being directed towards the training of ICDP facilitators and as a measure against abuse, it is also oriented towards the development of protective environments in coherence with local realities. 

We discovered that ICDP is not only an effective way to support  the family by providing a new space for interaction, but it is also a way of strengthening trust, productivity and motivation in men, the elderly, as well as other vulnerable groups. 

With regard to the support to the elderly population, this is given by identifying and establishing strategies in accordance with the individual characteristics of each participant, strengthening capacities and skills that can enhance their personal as well as social growth. 

Work teams are designated to specific groups of older people in different rural areas of the municipality of Cañasgordas, involving family and community members in general. The objective is to guarantee an effective social inclusion, as a dynamic process that is articulated with the reality of their environment. In accordance with this, at the Elderly People Welfare Centre:

•       ·Trust links are established

•       ·Competences are identified

•       ·Good treatment is encouraged  

•       ·Social inclusion is promoted

Our experience consolidates the ICDP programme as an effective and dynamic strategy that works in line with local needs. 

An important development for ICDP in Cañasgordas is that it has gained the support from the new mayor, Margarita del Rosario Lopera Cardona. 

We are developing actions and achieving dreams” 

- Sergio Mauricio Osorio Ospina (tel + 57 3104645481)