Cultivating empathy in the care of older people

The ICDP project for caregivers working with older people is starting to take shape.

Two ICDP trainers from Oslo, Line Constance Holmsen and Eli Østberg Baardseth, have been working on the project that adapted ICDP for caregivers working in nursing homes. The project is in its second phase. Having completed the initial basic ICDP training in October 2018, there are twenty candidates for the ICDP Facilitator level certification. Trainee facilitators started to conduct ICDP groups for their colleagues/caregivers in nursing homes. They are currently delivering ICDP training to five groups of caregivers who are working in different nursing homes in Oslo.

With regards to research, thirteen focus groups were conducted and participatory observations of twenty different groups has taken place so far. “The first indications are that both the employees and their leaders in the nursing homes seem to be very positive about the ICDP programme. They said that it helps them to become more conscious and reflective about their behaviour in different caring situations. Some of the participants in the interviews reported that they have started to look forward to going to work. There are also some challenges, especially with regards to their extremely hectic days at work. I hope that they will get the opportunity to apply for financial support in the future, and that the implementation of the ICDP programme will continue. I will present some of my results from all my qualitative data at the ICDP conference in Finland in May 2019.” – Line Constance Holmsen.

The photo above is of the trainee facilitators and it was taken on the last day of the ICDP workshop held on 12th of October 2018.