Danish Institute of Relational Psychology

Institute for Relational Psychology has worked with ICDP in Denmark for more than 15 years.


Annette Groot is the head of the ICDP team at the Institute of Relational Psychology and she writes:

"Continuously we seek new knowledge, developments and theory to improve our courses of ICDP - the basis of ICDP combined with the importance of relational impact on welfare development for children, young and elderly people. We have a variety of education courses in ICDP and we are dedicated to integrate theory to the everyday praxis on different levels in the community.  ICDP is not only a method but a theoretical basis from which parents and professionals hold the lives of other people in their hands. We work together with municipalities, institutions, schools who persistently educate, implement and develop from the ICDP platform."

One of the methods used by ICDP is positive video-feedback, where caregivers observe their own interaction with a child on a video recording and conduct a self-analysis. This is done in front of a group of colleagues. The group gives positive and constructive feedback to the caregiver. Caregivers take turns to analyze their own interactions. Here is an example of how this method has been used at the Danish institute in their work with preschool staff: http://relationspsykologi.dk/icdp-modul-12

Link to the homepage: www.relationspsykologi.dk 

Link to the handout and booklet with the ICDP guidelines: