Dungarpur project

ICDP has been identified as a suitable initiative to enhance caregiver skills as a part of the Child Sensitive Social Protection project in Dungarpur disctrict, India.

Based on the realisation that social protection can be a key thematic area to reduce child poverty, Save the Children Finland has developed projects referred to as Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) in a range of countries together with the local Save the Children offices.

CSSP encompasses child-focused or family-based social programmes that directly or indirectly address children’s needs and rights through a combination of economic support - such as cash transfers to families and children living in poverty - and complementary interventions; and which improve child development as well as ensure that all social protection is child-sensitive, by maximising impacts and minimising harms on children, girls and boys alike.

In Dungarpur district, SC Finland has been funding a CSSP project since 2011. One of the key interventions of the project is based around developing improved parenting skills with families that receive a government cash transfer for taking care of orphaned children. Based on the understanding that complementary interventions to social protection will ensure better results on child development outcomes, a crucial part of CSSP is to promote improved care by introducing parenting programmes as a complement to economic interventions – this is reflected in the new cooperation with ICDP on the Dunagarpur project.

An ICDP visit by Nicoletta Armstrong took place 19th – 25th of January 2017, which started the training in the ICDP programme of 12 Save the Children staff members. The key objective is to use the ICDP programme as the cornerstone for Palanhar Plus (caregiver plus initiative) but also as a base for work with Self Help Groups engaged in a community health insurance programme as well as parents receiving other social protection schemes. The  ICDP training will continue throughout the 2017.  The ultimate goal is to take ICDP forward in Dungarpur as well as beyond.

See film about the Save the Children's Dungarpur project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16-qcLDomOU