Eighteen groups of ICDP facilitators

The ICDP programme is being successfully implemented by 18 groups of facilitators who are running parent groups in the military conflict zone in eastern Ukraine.

Read here a report about the work of ICDP Ukraine in 2015 and their plans for 2016, including a short evaluation by a team of psychologists.

Comments taken from the above report:

Comment by Anna Mazur, ICDP facilitator, employee of "Child Friendly Spaces", Caritas Ukraine (Slavyansk):
"After attending the ICDP programme, I understood many things; I have a completely different way of looking at situations when a mother communicates with her child. Thanks to this programme I know what I need to pay attention to. Now I understand how I can help parents. Thanks to the exchange of experiences, role-playing games, I can help mothers feel what is happening to their children."

Anna Mazur made a movie about their ICDP work – follow this link to see the video:  https://youtu.be/8D7c4HuOec8

Facilitators of Child Friendly Spaces from Caritas Ukraine in Kharkov created a cartoon about ICDP – follow this link to see it:  https://youtu.be/ETa4imLxWR8

Comment by Tatiana Kakhiani, psychologist at "Child Friendly Spaces", Caritas Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk): "I have received the structure of the training, the finished product, which is very easy to integrate in my knowledge. ICDP has been very helpful in my work. ICDP is very useful both in group and in one to one work with mothers and children".

Comments by a member of UNICEF who attended the Kharkov group:
"We help people who are forced to leave their homes and move away during the first days of the conflict. We provide humanitarian assistance including psychological help. People are in a state of fear, panic and in unstable emotional states, sometimes refusing the necessary assistance. Now, knowing the principles of the programme, it has become easier to establish emotional contact with people, to build a relationship of trust with the client. During the training sessions, we were able to openly show emotions, play a variety of situations and feel like children. This is a very valuable experience. We want to thank trainers Truhan Anna and Sergei Krasin for their generosity, for sharing their personal experiences. The ICDP videos are used by all members of our team in the individual and group work."

Comment by a mother who was a member of the parent group in Slavyansk: "I have learned to notice and follow the initiative of my child, and I know how to set limits by explaining things to him. I learned to hear my child, and he hears me, I do not need to shout. Now we have fewer conflicts. I thank ICDP for this.”

Assessment by a mother who was a member of the parent group in Slavyansk; this mother came to the ICDP group and was very emotional saying: "I came home with my child. We sat down to drink tea. I cut a small bun and gave it to him. And then he began to cry. Usually I would have punished him for it.  But today I remembered about the programme, and I came up to him and I sat down at the same level with him. I looked into his eyes and asked, "What happened?" My son replied: "I would like the whole bun".  Now I am always interested in the views and wishes of my child, and I do not decide things for him".


Click here to see a presentation about ICDP in Ukraine.