Events in China

ICDP China has been expanding and enriching its work over the last five years.

Some of the developments in 2019:

39 facilitators got their diplomas in 2019; they are teachers, social workers, nurses, and doctors among others. 
500 caregivers received ICDP training and 60% of them are professional caregivers.

“As a teacher, I was really strict towards my students before I received the ICDP caregiver training. Most of the students are left behind children, whose parents are working in another city, not at home. I did not allow any student to question my opinions. After the ICDP training, I bought a big cake and had a birthday party for all my students who were born in the same month. And we had games and played together. They enjoyed playing with me very much. I realized that I should regard each child as a person and include her or him in my empathy zone.” 

Group sessions for caregivers
Since March, ICDP China has been holding weekly group sessions for caregivers on Friday nights. So far there have been 28 group sessions, which were attended by more than 300 persons. Each Friday the group would select and discuss a topic linked to child rearing. ICDP themes were revised and caregivers had the opportunity to exchange their experiences and challenges in applying ICDP in their daily life.

“I really like this group. It is relaxing and interesting. I learned that I was not the only one with challenges with regards to child raising and I received helpful ideas on how to deal with my difficulties.”- a participant of the Friday activity.

Online supervision system
On 1st of November, ICDP China upgraded the online supervision system. Information from each ICDP facilitator and trainer can be uploaded to this system; their training plans, logbooks and training reports. ICDP China can provide supervision from the server. This system can offer a platform to facilitators and trainers operating in different geographic areas of China.
An online survey software is used for assessments of the caregiver and facilitator level training.

ICDP China network building
The ICDP summer forum was held in June. It was a network building activity. ICDP training teams from different areas came to the meeting to listen and share their experiences. It was attended by 47 participants. 
In November, ICDP China held its annual conference. ICDP international trainers visited from Norway and gave presentations about brain development in adolescence and child maltreatment; conclusions from the ICDP evaluations conducted in Nepal were also presented.