Scaling up with new structures

In Ukraine, ICDP has expanded the scope of its work and set up new organizational structures...

Training of five new groups of facilitators was completed in the following towns: one group each in Kramatorsk, Druzhkovka and Severodonetsk, and 2 groups in Kharkov. ICDP trainers Sergey Krasin and Anna Trukhan conducted the initial training and subsequently continued to offer comprehensive support.

At the Kharkov gymnasium No. 14 seven teachers became facilitators and they founded the "School of Conscious Parenthood" in which they regularly hold ICDP meetings with their parents.

In Kharkov, ICDP training was also given to school psychologists, psychologists from public organizations who work with children, internally displaced people and school teachers. Eight participants received ICDP Facilitator level certificates.

In Severodonetsk, Lugansk region, the ICDP training received support from the project Generation UA  and the Charitable Foundation of the Yellow-Blue Wings. Severodonetsk is located near the front line. Psychologists - facilitators from this city work in mobile teams with children and their parents in the buffer zone (the zone closest to the front line).
Anastasia Kopylova, psychologist- facilitator from Severodonetsk works in such teams several times a week.  She wrote the following review: "Hello, Anna and Sergey, today I held 2 groups with my parents on ICDP. We studied the 3 dialogues. Parents were very thankful.  Thank you very much. You brought us this programme at the right time. We were lucky! Thank you so much for being able to strengthen our faith in a good cause".

Sergey Krasin and Anna Trukhan also cooperate with the Donetsk Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education. Within the framework of refresher courses they conducted training for educators at kindergartens in the Druzhkivka city and for the teachers from the schools of the Kramatorsk city.

In June they held an ICDP master class for medical workers in the Kharkov National University named after VN. Karazin (it is the second most rated university in Ukraine). Their master class "ICDP - an effective way of getting together with hyperactive children" was held during a round table on "Psychotherapy for children with hyperkinetic disorder" with the participation of international experts.

In the framework of the summer marathon of the project "Psychologists online" Anna Truhan conducted a webinar on "International Child Development Program (ICDP); Features of praise; Effective ways of motivating a child". Participants practiced their skills and ability to express their approval to children.

During 2017, Sergey Krasin took part in several scientific conferences where he talked about ICDP. He is currently conducting scientific research and writing his PhD dissertation about shaping students’ readiness for conscious parenthood with the help of ICDP methods.

Psychologists - facilitators of the NGO "Center for Psychological Development" Razom" carried out a series of classes for parents of children who found themselves in difficult life circumstances.

Since there are many ICDP facilitators who are actively working with the ICDP programme, Sergey Krasin and Anna Trukhan felt there was a need to establish a Coordination Council with the objective of providing regular and good quality support for facilitators. The Coordination Council is located in Kharkov at the children's centre "Honey Home", where facilitators Natalia Fedak and Julia Floru hold ICDP courses for parents. The Coordination Council has Regional Coordinators who were selected from among the facilitators in 7 cities. Their main task is to help organize ICDP groups and provide support through supervisory meetings. Regional coordinators are:
Natalia Sirotich for Kiev
Marina Arefieva Dobrovolskaya for Odessa
Maria Gorshkova for Vinnitsa
Natalia Lomeiko for Zaporozhye
Denis Maleev for Kramatorsk
Anastasia Kopylova for Severodonetsk
Valerya Baryshnikova for Chernigov