Feedback from Ormoc

On the island of Ormoc, in the Philippines, the ICDP programme was delivered by Save the Children staff as part of their Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) package.

The ICDP programme was included in their new parenting module and piloted in four areas: Barangay San Marcelino, Barangay Mansalip, Barangay Cansoso and Barangay Naulayaan. 

In July 2018, the Project Coordinator Zenona Gread organized a number of meetings with participants from the pilot areas in order to receive feedback about their experiences. The module will be rolled out to other areas in the future, by including the experiences and lessons learned so far.

Participants of the new module included parents and other family members of children up to 16 years of age. They attended 13 group sessions, 8 were CDP sessions and there were some home visits; a part from ICDP the other sessions include nutrition, budgeting and gender topics.  

The facilitators worked hard on conducting sessions as well as submitting written reports. The  parenting module made an impact on the lives of the parents and caregivers; it helped them to deal with their children in a more sensitive way. 

Some of the participants' comments:

There are changes in our attitudes as parents. These changes include the tone of our voices, we don’t spank or hit our children easily, we have adjusted our attitude in handling our children, we do eye to eye contact and we show our love towards our children.

We will apply our learning from the sessions such as the topic on empathy where we learn how to put ourselves to the situation of the child. We also learned how to praise our children.

We learned how to show love to our children and let feel love.

Give time to our children. Give guidance. We learned to control ourselves.

There is close communication. Our children are no longer ashamed to talk about their problems with us.

We now know how to empathize with our children.

We have changed our views towards our children by giving them importance.

Discipline in a good manner. Set limitations in a positive manner.

We now look at our children positively and we avoid giving negative labels to our children.

It brought a lot of changes to us as parents. We learned to understand the personality our children, we learned how to control ourselves as well as the behaviors of our children and most importantly we learned to give love to them. 

We learned about love, empathy, for example calling children’s attention in a gentle manner, helping them in their assignments and spending ample time with them. 

Learned to appreciate all the success accomplished by the children.

The time we spent in attending the session was never wasted. It was a big help to us parents.

Before attending the parenting sessions, we used to scold our children very often. Our children could not even finish what they wanted to tell us because we immediately scolded them. However, at present we learned to talk to them gently.

We became close with our children. I now praise my children always.

Before we only praised our children during graduation or closing of classes. Now we learned that we must praise our children every day because this can help in building their self-confidence.

We have better relationship with our children.

I don’t raise my voice to my children anymore that is why we became close.

My children are no longer shy in telling me what they need because we are now open to each other.

I learned how to properly support my children. We also need to listen to the side of the children.

We learned how to put ourselves in shoes of our children.

We learned how to show our love to children most especially to our husbands.

Our children need our support. If they come to us parents asking for assistance we must not reject them instead we must help them.

We learned a lot such as, following child's initiative, close communication in the family, understanding the child’s feelings and giving love to the family. 

Through this we could share with our children, our neighbors, with the entire community until the next generation develops new norm of parenting.

Joining parenting program brought a lot of changes in our lives. We learned to say I love you, I am sorry and I love you to our children.