Feedback from teachers

The ICDP course was carried out at the “Rev. Father Dr. Antonio Terstiege” school, in Julian Augusto Saldivar, 23 km from the capital Asunción Paraguay.

The key ICDP trainer was Elisabeth Gavilan, from "Vida Plena" foundation in Asuncion.

Comments from the trained teachers (on photo above):

During this course, I learned how to relate to my students,  to use dialogue and provide deeper meaning; to involve them in the process of understanding; to accompany them daily by putting myself at the level of each individual student – and I learned to do the same with my own children.

I reflected about empathy and the meaning of putting oneself in the place of the other person. This course has helped us a lot for a better relationship between children at school and also at home with my children.

I have learned about the types of dialogues that are having a great impact on our behaviour. I am a mother of two.  What my children need the most from me is to be present for them, to share dialogue and for me to listen to them. I need to do this in a deeper way than I used to.

I realized I need to be more attentive, show understanding, and maintain children’s motivation, go down to their level. They need my love to become confident, secure. I need to listen to children, guide and make them feel important.

I learned that children need for adults to pay attention to them, talk with them and show understanding. I feel I need to be more patient with children in order to better listen to their needs.

Many times due to lack of time or because I prioritize other things, I leave aside the practice of empathy. This I need to improve.

I realized we need to pay more attention and provide more support to our students. Students need to have good dialogues with adults; I personally need to practice empathy. 

We need to observe their actions, their requests, their ways of being and their behaviour; to notice when they are sad, quiet. I need to work more on the comprehension dialogue, because children want to be understood.

I need to put more emphasis on the 3 dialogues of the ICDP programme, which are in fact all interlinked. They are of essential importance. It is important to apply the dialogues both at home and at school.

The change in the relationship with my children is that there is a lot more dialogue now -  they want to tell me about things that happened, about their peers.

At home and at school we keep trying to apply this - but there is much to improve still. 

There is more understanding and communication now. The course has helped my son in this stage that is now entering. I have benefited very much. Hopefully we will continue with it later. God bless you!

Practicing these guidelines helps the children work harder to achieve better results. I felt very good participating in the course; one feels motivated.

The course helped a lot; I have been applying the dialogues with the children every day and have observed a positive change.