First facilitators in Nicaragua

ICDP trainee facilitators in Ocotal have completed their training.

Congratulations to the new facilitators, Patricia Libertad Almendárez, Nelsy de los Angeles Suárez Méndez, Itza Karelia Quinónez Ruis and Giulia Foletti! Their certification workshop took place in April 2018, conducted by trainer Monica Andersson.

These four professionals, who became ICDP facilitators, had implemented the ICDP programme with 42 parents of children who had been sent to prison. The parents’ participation in the ICDP group was a condition set by the court – i.e. the decision was to let the children go free upon the condition that their parents attend an ICDP course. The ICDP course consisted of 10 meetings, with one meeting being held every second week. The facilitators noticed that the attending parents had gradually become very supportive of each other and those among them who assimilated the programme faster started to reflect and change – and began encouraging other parents to follow suit by offering explanations and support. At the end of the course ten parents became very positive and committed and said they would like to continue the ICDP process with other parents. 

Future perspective: The four facilitators expressed the wish to implement the ICDP programme with a group of young parents, as a preventing programme. In addition, two facilitators, (social worker Itza and psychologist Patricia), who work at a special home for children victims of violence and rape, want to try to use ICDP with the families of  the young girls they work with. The families often make these young girls feel guilty – it is hoped that this could change after participating in the ICDP sensitization course and that the families would start to understand their own children better and show more empathy towards them.