First ICDP activities in Canada

An ICDP initiative has been developing since the beginning of 2019.

Claudia Marcela Rojas (on photo below) is an experienced ICDP trainer who has been working with the ICDP programme for almost twenty years in Colombia and is currently living in Montreal, Canada.  

Since the beginning of 2019, Claudia has been training a small team of four professionals to become ICDP facilitators. They are close to finishing their self-training projects by training groups of caregivers and will soon become certified as ICDP facilitators. The trainee facilitators are on the photo above: Consuelo is from Colombia, Helen, Edward and Ophelia are from Venezuela. This ICDP team is be able to work in three languages: French, Spanish and English.

Claudia is also working on forming an ICDP organization, which she hopes to register with the Quebec government. The aim is to work on spreading the ICDP programme by making agreements for training and cooperation between the newly formed ICDP organization and the relevant local partners who work for the benefit of children and families. 

ICDP international wishes Claudia and her new team in Canada all the success!