First ICDP steps in Chiriqui province

New ICDP developments are taking place in the province of Chiriquí, in Panama.

The new project represents cooperation between ICDP and Father Erik Obaldia from the Parish of the Inmaculada Consension. The Bugaba district of the Chiriquí Province was selected and prioritized by Father Obaldia as the community where the ICDP programme will be rolled out through a project developed for the families and children living in Bugaba. 

In order for the planned ICDP work to have a wider reach, a local team of professionals will receive training to become ICDP facilitators, supported by Nicoletta Armstrong, leader of ICDP. Having a local team of facilitators is important as it means that ICDP could be sustained in future and later expended to reach more families.

The first introductory workshop has already taken place in January 2019, conducted by ICDP facilitators Antonio Mendoza and Yirli Plaza. It was attended by teachers, church fathers, parents, caregivers and others from the community of Bugaba (see 2 photos from the workshop, above and below this text). The ICDP programme was well presented through theoretical and very practical tools which activated the participants and gave them opportunities to feel the content of the programme in a personal way. ICDP  received a warm reception from the participants, as well as support from Father Obaldia.

An agreement for cooperation on this project will be signed between ICDP  and Father Erik Obaldia in the spring of 2019.