First ICDP steps in Iraq

First ICDP activities took place in July 2019.

An ICDP introductory course was held in the city of Halabja, in North Iraq. It was delivered to a group of parents in their native Kurdish language. During the ICDP meetings  attending parents were introduced to the ICDP booklet with the Eight Guidelines for Good Interaction that was translated into Kurdish.

The training was conducted by Rebaz Abdullah on voluntary basis and it took place at the Halabja office of a local organization called, “Youth Activities Developing Centre”.

Rebaz is keen to continue with ICDP and the current plan is for him to team up with Alkhansaa Alkhalil, who shares the same vision of introducing many families and communities in Iraq to the ICDP programme. The ICDP board will seek to raise seed capital in support of a future pilot project.