ICDP is starting to develop in Germany thanks to the initiative of Rita Crecelius.

Rita is an ICDP facilitator and psychologist with many years of professional experience in the area of disability, family, trauma and addiction. She was introduced to ICDP in Nepal.

Upon return to Germany she gave an ICDP course over 8 weeks in Hameln. Participants (on photo above) included two mothers and four professionals (three caregivers of special needs children and one childminder). This was the first ICDP course for caregivers to ever take place in Germany. 

 “We had a wonderful meeting, in which we successfully engaged in building shared awareness, bonding and created the ground for sharing and future ICDP work together. I am very happy to finally get started with ICDP and this group! Some institutions, I got in contact with, are also interested in the ICDP programme and my plan is to offer ICDP training to different groups later on, i.e. parents of autistic children, education of childminders, and caretakers of older people.” – said Rita.


The ICDP work continues - for updates see Newsletters and Annual reports in the Download section of this website.