Glimpses from Nepal

A short report from ICDP Nepal. (Photo above: the new group of facilitators trained in 2019.)

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From the report:

Comment from Sunita Khadka, one of the ICDP course participants:

I am mother of two sons, Aron 9 years and Benjamin 2 years. My elder son Aron is suffering from global developmental delay and he is epileptic and keeps getting seizures. During seizure attacks Aron cries, laughs or faints and this lasts from few minutes to an hour. These seizure usually occurs 10-15 times a day. Aron goes to Kopila Nepa care centre for differently able child.

I love my children and and take care of them. In case of Aron whenever he has problem, I give my full care and attention but in normal days I did not know how to take care of him. When I am occupied and taking care of Aron, my other child Benjamin gets sad, agitated and bangs his head. I get tired and my anger comes out on my younger son Benjamin who is just 2 years.

After ICDP session, I reflected that while looking after one child, my other child was neglected. The ICDP themes taught me to communicate, plan and understand my two sons from their perspective. ICDP has helped in improving my situation with my sons.

I have started medication on Aron and after doing ICDP I have learned to connect, communicate and make him feel my love for him. Now the frequency of his seizure attacks has reduced and this is because of medication as well as ICDP. I am able to show my love, and affection to my sons and have learnt to communicate, see and analyze their situations and feelings. Thank you Kopila Nepal for ICDP.