Great interest in ICDP in Zambia

ICDP has only recently started to develop in Lusaka, but already there is a strong commitment to continue to use the ICDP method and to expand the work widely in the future. 

ICDP's partner is the  Primary Health Care Education & Training Trust (PHC-ETT). They are currently in the process of applying for funding to spread ICDP more widely. For more information about their work in general see the webpage:

ICDP training so far: 

Two groups of professionals are in the process of becoming ICDP facilitators and two groups of parents attended ICDP courses. So far thirty four people were trained.

Seven professionals completed their practical projects and received the ICDP Facilitator level diplomas on 3rd of March 2016, signed by Elisabeth Hellzen, ICDP trainer and Nicoletta Armstrong, ICDP chair.

All trained facilitators will be using the ICDP programme to run courses for parents in the local communities and this work will be under the umbrella of PHC-ETT.

A second round of workshops is planned for June. 

So far all the training has been done on voluntary basis. “ I am very happy about finalizing the first part of the ICDP training. My experience so far is that ICDP has become very popular and many more people than we have possibility to support, are interested to learn and to be trained in ICDP. Most of the facilitators are interested in continuing with the training to the next level - to become ICDP trainers.” – Elisabeth Hellzen - click here to read her personal report.