Guadalupe Hidalgo High School

An ICDP sensitization project was successfully completed in the Guadalupe Hidalgo High School, in the state of Puebla, Mexico.

Guadalupe Hidalgo is a town located in the south of the state of Puebla. ICDP was first introduced through an ICDP conference held at the High School in the autumn of 2014, which was attended by 117 people, including parents, teachers and some students. ICDP was presented by the psychologist, José Luis Flores Jiménez.

After this conference, it was agreed to run an ICDP sensitization group for parents. The ICDP sensitization project was welcomed by the teachers, who agreed that there was a need for this type of intervention.  The objective of the CDP project was to promote good quality relationships at  home and at school, with a particular focus on improving the relationships between the parents and their teenage children - strengthening the relationships between parents and their children was understood to be a factor that could prevent future problems and could help avoid some of the difficulties that are being faced at the moment, such as school desertion, unintended pregnancy in girls and drug problems and vandalism by the boys.

The ICDP programme was delivered in ten weekly meetings, which were held on each Tuesday, from 8:30 a.m. till 11:00 a.m.  The participants were all parents of children (ranging in age from 12-16 years old) who are pupils at the Guadalupe Hidalgo High School.Thirty parents attended all the meetings; another thirty attended less than the ten meetings. This group of parents named its own ICDP team “Corazones Unidos y Alegres” (United and Cheerful Hearts).

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 "As a result of attending the ICDP group, we have become interested in the activities of our children the way we were not before. We realized that young people do bad things when they do not feel appreciated and supported enough. The important thing is to listen, share with and accompany our children. There is a feeling of togetherness; our hearts are united and happy. We feel very glad to have come across the ICDP programme. We are more confident in ourselves." – parents’ group “Corazones Unidos y Alegres”, 2015