ICDP and the Human Rights Council

The work of ICDP and the content of the ICDP programme were presented at the meeting of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Each year, the Human Rights Council holds three regular sessions at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. They take place in March (four weeks), June (three weeks) and September (three weeks).

In 2016, the 31st session of the Human Rights Council is taking place from the 29th of February till the 24th of March.

The NGOs are given the opportunity to run side events in parallel with the main session - this year ICDP was able to take this opportunity and on the 9th of March, the ICDP chair Nicoletta Armstrong presented the work of ICDP in room XVIII, at United Nations. 

The presentation attracted a number of interested parties who sought cooperation, including high ranking representatives from Mexico, Paraguay and Switzerland. It was the first time that ICDP attended this event, and as a result a new space has opened up for networking and advocacy work.

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