ICDP initiative in Petrolina

Polyana  Magalhães , the ICDP representative for Brazil, informs about a new ICDP initiative.

In Petrolina, in the northeastern area of Pernambuco, a new ICDP project has been developing since November 2016. The ICDP partner is ACARI (Associação Civil de Articulação para a Cidadania ), (Civil Association for Citizenship) and ICDP trainer Ilze Braga is the coordinator. 

ACARI is an organization with a lot of experience with the programme. The ICDP trainers at ACARI had been involved in a large scale ICDP initiative that was carried out in cooperation with Save the Children UK and this project reached 34 municipalities in Pernambuco.

During the third week of November they started a new ICDP initiative as part of the “Construindo Loços” project that aims to strengthen the children’s right to be protected against domestic violence. It is supported by KNH (KinderNotHilfe). The ICDP trainers from ACARI conducted the Level one workshop attended by a group of 17 professionals – they will go through the whole ICDP process to become trainers in the ICDP methodology.

The training will be continued in 2017. The group will attend more  workshops  and they will also carry out self-training projects with groups of caregivers.

For ACARI as an organization, this training is important, because afterwards they will be able to count on a larger number of trainers to reach more families and help them to establish good interactions with their children.