Future training of police

Plans for ICDP training of the National Civil Police in El Salvador are under way...

ICDP has attracted the interest of the police in El Salvador.

Talks with the National Civil Police - La Policia Nacional Civil (PNC) were initiated to establish an alliance between  the Salvadoran Institute for the Integral Development of Children and Adolescents (ISNA), PNC and UNICEF, with the ain of replicating the programme with the PNC staff.

The plan is for a team of psychologists and social workers from the Police Welfare Unit at national level to be trained to replicate the ICDP methodology with the families of the police officers. It is also planned to give training to staff at the Violence Prevention Unit in 26 selected municipalities with the objective of institutionalizing ICDP as a methodology for prevention of family violence that can be replicated by the agents of this Unit with the families that live in the territories they serve.

ICDP so far, has not been involved in training of police officers anywhere in the world, so the work in El Salvador will be an interesting initiative to follow and learn from.

In El Salvador, in 2016, 13,214 families were sensitized in 7 different areas of the country and a total of 240 decision makers received training, among them directors of institutions, municipal mayors, heads of institutional departments of childhood, and others. This work was carried out by ISNA and with Unicef support.

Click here for Unicef report about ICDP in El Salvador, translated from Spanish