First group of trainers in Bacau

On May the 12th, SOS Children’s Villages Romania celebrated the end of the training programme which culminated in the graduation of its first group of ICDP trainers.

ICDP issued Trainer level diplomas to Rodica Marinoiu, Mihaela Tabara, Andreea Petcu, Alina Vleanga and Marinela Pascu.

The SOS organization now has all the necessary expertise to apply the ICDP method in their work with vulnerable families and foster parents. They can also begin to train other professionals as ICDP facilitators.

The ICDP method has already been promoted inside the SOS organization and there will be sessions for parents on regular basis each year. They also intend to train teachers and other specialists from the neighbouring communities. In fact they have already received a request from a local school to facilitate the ICDP programme in their institution - this training project will start before the end of May.

SOS is also planning to promote the ICDP programme at the IPSCAN conference, where Rodica Marinoiu, ICDP trainer, will be presenting the results of their work in using the ICDP method with vulnerable parents from rural communities in Bacau.

“We are very proud of our ICDP achievements. Through this project we have become more visible in the community and because of that we have a few proposals for partnership regarding the ICDP method. We are very glad that many specialists from the social field are showing interest to learn the ICDP method. We plan to provide them with ICDP theoretical and practical information and training in order to improve their relation with children and parents.  SOS is signing new partnerships with schools and day care centers, where the training in ICDP will be given free of charge. We will be monitoring the training through face to face meetings between the participants and the ICDP trainer from SOS. The number of facilitators will gradually be increased in the future. SOS will continue to use the ICDP method in the future and we will monitor very closely its impact on parents - and based on these results we will prepare a new application to expand the use of the ICDP programme to more regions in Romania. This expansion will take place through our partnership with the National Authority for the Protection of Children’s Rights and the Ministry of Education.” – Nikoleta Preda, National Programme Development Director and Adriana Birloi, Programme Development Expert, SOS Children’s Villages Romania.