ICDP at the Changing Children's Worlds Foundation

Update from Kimberly Svevo-Cianci, the founder of the Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation (CCWF).

The CCWF has been working to further differentiate the ICDP-USA program from many other NON-empathy-based/peer-facilitated/strengths-based/trauma-informed parenting classes in the past several years.  

We will hold a special event on the 30th of November 2018, to further establish the unique and significant value that ICDP offers to children, parents, families and communities. 

 We will debut our new health equity logo and graphics and approach explaining how we support adults and children to achieve love/relationships - at home/community - for physical/mental health - to achieve academic success and economic opportunities toward family & social equity, stability and well-being.  This is newly trademarked by the Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation!

A Community Investment-Educational Symposium: “ICDP-USA: The Best Start for Families: A Health Equity Approach”

The CCWF, in partnership with the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center, the Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition and the Kane County Health Department, will offer a symposium to raise awareness and further motivate and educate professionals about the intergenerational effects of trauma on children, parents/caregivers, and family relationships. CCWF’s “ICDP-USA: The Best Start for Families" focuses on strengthening the parent-child relationship which is critical for educational success.

Through educational sessions, an interdisciplinary panel, and a poster session, professionals will learn about preventative measures against child abuse and neglect, as well as, the positive benefits of empathy, community, and empowerment for parents/caregivers and children who have experienced or are experiencing trauma today.

Goal: Building Health Equity for all children and families by understanding and addressing the effects of trauma and support their educational success.

Click here to see invitation to the symposium