ICDP at the Danish university

ICDP activities continue to develop and expand by teams at the “University College UCN act2learn” in Aalborg.

Update from Mathilde Nyvang Hostrup:

At the “University College UCN act2learn” we have been training in the ICDP programme large numbers of professionals on a continuous basis. 

We conduct open courses at our own facilities in Aalborg, and we also travel to different municipalities around Denmark to train staff leaders who then support the implementation of ICDP.

ICDP is well known in the pedagogical sector in Denmark, and especially in the day-cares for children 0-6 years of age. The good news is also that there is an increasing interest in ICDP in schools.

In 2018 -2019 we have trained different groups: foster care families, teachers, social-workers, health care workers and especially pedagogues. In addition to training at caregiver and facilitator levels, we are forming professionals at trainer level, which qualifies them to train others in ICDP in their own municipalities.

One of our future aims is to work with social services for older people. In the past we have educated staff working with senior citizens, and we hope to do more of that in the future.

During 2019 and continuing in 2020, our priority is to conduct research on ICDP in order to find out about the effects and outcomes of applying the ICDP programme.


The photo above: Facilitators who use the ICDP programme by working with groups of parents. The course has made an important difference for the parents and their children.