ICDP Bolivia network plans

Several new activities are planned for Bolivia.

The new project is building on the work that was carried out during previous years in three areas of the country: Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Potosí. 

The ICDP programme will be implemented in health centres with pregnant mothers, with staff and parents in educational units, and with women in shelters victims of intra-family violence.
The new project will also provide training, reinforcement and monitoring to a core team of 9 professionals in Cochabamba. 

There will be follow-ups in each of the three municipalities where the facilitators have been working, namely in Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Potosí. 

The local trainers have made plans for a series of sensitization and training workshops for officials of government organizations and NGOs that are involved in early childhood care - the aim is to invite them to enter into cooperation agreements with the ICDP Bolivia Network. An important aspect of the project is its focus on developing and agreeing on a strategy with participating institutions for future sustainability of ICDP work.

A facilitator network meeting will be organized as a way of encouraging discussion and sharing of experiences from different areas where ICDP is being implemented. The ICDP Bolivia facilitators will receive support from experienced ICDP trainer Ilaina Ramirez who will visit from Ecuador to provide some assistance to the local team.
In connection with new developments in Bolivia, the ICDP Bolivia team (on photo below) has also asked for a support from Nicoletta Armstrong who will update them on the new protocols and adaptations of the ICDP materials for adolescents.