ICDP China podcast

ICDP China's activities during the pandemic.

Since the end of last year, ICDP China has been applying a sophisticated online supervision system that offers a platform to facilitators and trainers operating in different geographic areas of China. Information from each ICDP trained person can be uploaded to this system. Facilitators and trainers upload their training plans, logbooks and training reports and ICDP China provides supervision from the server. An online survey software is used for assessments of the caregiver and facilitator level training.

Jean QinYuanQiu, the ICDP china chair, shares a short update on ICDP in China and tells us a bit more about their most recent use of technology:

In China, we have not stopped the ICDP work even during the most difficult times due to covid 19. We believed that it was very important to keep sending positive information to people during this crisis. So, since the beginning of February, the ICDP China team has been making a daily podcast which has proved to be successful. Every day about 200 people listen to the podcast. As a result, we now have 870 people showing interest in our programme and who have subscribed to the account.

With regards to the ICDP training at caregiver and facilitator levels, this has resumed and has been going on since mid-May in all our project areas.

ICDP China is currently making plans to run a number of workshops about the PSEA Policy and it is also developing the ICDP China code of conduct modelling it on the one made by ICDP (international) foundation.

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