ICDP report from the Danish Centre

"At the beginning of the year, a study was conducted to highlight the prevalence of educational programmes in Denmark. ICDP was in the top three."

"ICDP was described as an uncomplicated, highly effective programme. Our aim, at the Danish Center for ICDP, is to maintain this top-three position and continue our efforts to ensure the quality and expansion of the programme." - Anne Linder, director of the Danish Centre for ICDP.

Their centre counts with the work of twelve trainers. Recently they have produced a report in which they describe interesting ICDP experiences. Click here to read it.

Here is an impressive list of achievements by Anne Linder:

1. A new book about ICDP - "Professional relationships", published in August 2016 and already translated into other Nordic languages. The book is aimed at teachers and other educational staff.

2. The book "Friendship yoga" based on ICDP. The focus is to support children in their relationships with their peers.

3. An article about ICDP, published in a psychological journal.

4. Started ICDP training of hospital staff at a children's hospital.

5. Finished developing an ICDP-WebAPP. The app will support the social interactions and the interaction between children and parents linked to a treatment centre for children and adolescents..

6. Established partnership with a researcher to work on documenting the effect of the ICDP.

7. About to enter into a partnership with a large NGO organization that focuses on children's conditions. As an offshoot of this project one of the ICDP trainers from the Danish Center for ICDP will start on a PhD project on ICDP and parental interaction.

8. Together with UCN, she organized a very successful ICDP conference "Concerned and moved" that focused on the principles of sensitivity.

9. Started developing ICDP in the police force as part of a working group together with the police intelligence service (PET/ MI5). They are starting an ICDP pilot project in 2017.