ICDP Denmark national conference

ICDP Denmark held their national conference on 4th and 5th of October 2018.

Annette Groot from ICDP Denmark, describes the event:

It is with great pleasure that we look back at an excellent conference that lasted over two days. The conference had full attendance with 150 participants, including educators, teachers, municipal leaders, day care workers, child nurses, etc. 

We gathered at the Fyn training centre on Thursday morning at 10 am, and started by listening to a singer's rendition of "You raise me up". 

This was followed up by a very enriching and instructive talk by psychologist Dr Susan Hart, who has been teaching and working with neuro-active pedagogy for many years. With illustrative video clips, she explained how relationships shape children’s emotional development and talked about the importance of good emotional development for children’s well-being and learning – in other words she focused on how adults apply the emotional dialogue and the ICDP themes for good interaction.

After a nice lunch with time to network, participants were given the choice of attending a workshop on one of the following four topics: neuro pedagogy, parenting, partnerships or mentalization.

On the second day we had the great pleasure of listening to Dr Louise Klinge, who fascinated us with experiences from her research in schools. She has been studying different aspects of teacher - student relationships for several years now, and how important such relationships are for students’ well-being and learning. And, in line with ICDP's basic notions illustrated in the 8 themes for good interaction, she found that the teacher's ability to form strong relationships and unity is crucial for students' safety, motivation, self-esteem, as well as personal, social and professional learning. Her presentation was very practice-oriented including exercises that the participants could use in their own daily lives.

After the conference, we asked all participants to fill in an evaluation form, which confirmed our own experience, namely that the participants had an enriching and delightful experience - and many expressed a wish to attend the next conference.