Facilitators with their diplomas in the Philippines

The ICDP Facilitator level certification workshop was held  in Ormoc, from 8th to 12th of October, 2018.

The Save the Children team successfully fulfilled all necessary steps entitling them to receive the ICDP Facilitator Level Diploma. They have been working hard throughout 2018 and have delivered ICDP to over 100 families in and around Ormoc. 

The task of ICDP facilitators is to sensitise, build competence and confidence in parents’ ability to care for their children and all members of the team understood this well. During the year of ICDP training they gradually became more and more aware of the important points of the programme and which key aspects needed to be in place for good delivery of ICDP at meetings with parents. This became evident during the field visits when I observed the facilitators in action.

During the last workshop we spent time yet again discussing adjustments of delivery to fit in even better with the participants' education and cultural background, i.e. how to deepen the content and delivery in order to have greater impact on the way caregivers and parents behave towards their children. We agreed on a Plan of Action to continue improving the ICDP materials and the facilitators’ future work with parents/caregivers. 

On the last day of the workshop there was a short graduation ceremony. I was glad to give all participants their ICDP Diploma in a very positive atmosphere of future commitment and with interest to go on improving. We now have our first group of ICDP Facilitators in the Philippines - warm congratulations to all!

- Nicoletta Armstrong, ICDP chair and international trainer.