ICDP for Envigado Zone 10

The new administration in the municipality of Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia, is committed to create conditions for all its inhabitants to "live better".

As part of this initiative, they are sponsoring ICDP training courses for caregivers and parents free of charge. This is taking place in the Envigado area that is called Zone 10. A recent diagnostic report shows that the Zone 10 is characterized by the following:

- There is insufficient protection and comprehensive care for different population groups, particularly the vulnerable, unprotected children and adolescents.
- The youth population faces various problems such as violent deaths, unemployment or low quality jobs and low pay, and little possibilities of expression; there are few programs for youth in the area.
- Violence is on the increase, generating family and social disintegration and problems related to mental health.
- The cultural practices assign women only the role of housewife and carer of the children that limit their political, social and labour market participation; women receive low-salaries.
- Community life is deteriorating, a phenomenon associated with the lack of knowledge concerning rules of coexistence, inadequate family and neighborhood environments, and low civic culture.

The municipality is providing ICDP training opportunities to families whose children are under five. The aim is to raise awareness and develop attitudes, habits and commitment in caregivers to give their children a humane upbringing.

The municipality of Envigado and ICDP Colombia signed an agreement for cooperation on the 31st of May 2016. The ICDP team from Medellin will be responsible for the training, led by Carolina Montoya, an ICDP trainer and professional from FUNLAM university