ICDP goes to Botswana

The ICDP programme is going to a new country in Africa…

A new and very promising ICDP initiative is developing in Botswana with the involvement of a well-established local organization, the NGO “Ark and Mark”, as ICDP’s new partner. Ark and Mark has government backing for other psychosocial work national. It is hoped that the work of ICDP will eventually become sustainable as there are strong chances of ICDP being recognized by the government.

Several members of the staff in Ark and Mark are now starting their ICDP training to become facilitators along with some of the key members of the local community. At a later stage they will conduct an ICDP pilot project by introducing the method with caregivers in a town outside Gaborone. ICDP trainers, Patrick O'Loughlin and Chiku Ali will run the training. They have recently held advisory consultations with ICDP chair, Nicoletta Armstrong and are ready to start the training during the period between the 13th and 24th of February 2017.

“The head of Ark and Mark has just completed her PhD at Bergen University and is a strong professional colleague. Indeed she and colleagues, supported by a professor in the faculty of Psychology, Bergen University, will monitor and evaluate implementation. We are particularly concerned to introduce ICDP in a form appropriate to the local context, while maintaining the essential content. Our Centre in Bergen will cover travel and all other costs for Chiku Ali and my work. This is a generous offer from our centre which has a mandate to deliver services in Western Norway, but we believe we will bring valuable experience and learning back to our work, ICDP and otherwise, with refugees and ethnic minorities in Norway. Ark and Mark do not have a lot of funds but can cover all local costs.“ – Patrick O’Loughlin, psychologist at the RVTS trauma centre in Bergen (RVTS, Ressurssenter om vald, traumatisk stress og sjølvmordsførebygging)