ICDP in Japan

ICDP Japan is represented by a team that has been working on voluntary basis, investing spare time, funds and a lot of positive energy.

The team has been led by Dr Hitoshi Maeshima for several years now. They trained teachers, children’s caregivers, parents and also staff working with older people. After several years, they have decided to invite others to join and support the work of ICDP in Japan in a more systematic way. 

In 2019 they launched a homepage: www.icdp.jp/. On it there is a section about making donation in order to help spread ICDP in Japan, either with single contributions: https://congrant.com/project/icdpjapan/719 or through regular monthly installments: https://congrant.com/project/icdpjapan/718 

On the 31st of March 2019, four members of the ICDP team (Setsuko Kobayashi, Motoko Ueda, Hiromi Asai and Hitoshi Maeshima, on photo above) held a meeting to exchange ICDP experiences. Here is one ICDP experience that Hiromi Asai shared: 

Hiromi is a mother of a 10 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. She works as a part time caregiver in a nursing facility where she is mainly on night duty. The nursing home has 50 older people with dementia. Hiromi said that she found the implementation of ICDP to be fruitful in relation to her daily work. “People with advanced dementia are not easy to deal with, but I try to receive them with respect at all times. Instead of making strong requests I use a kind tone and ask questions encouraging them to examine things for themselves to understand why we ask certain things of them. For example, my colleagues often find it hard to get the elderly patients to wear special protective underwear at night and they tend to issue commands about it -  but I do not have that problem with my patients because of the way that I speak to them. As a result the patients in my care tend to sleep more peacefully, spending the night without problems.”

Future plans: Setsuko will be holding ICDP training in Soma-shi, in the east of Japan in the area that was hit by the Great Earthquake of 2011. Hiromi and Hitoshi will join some of the workshops.