ICDP in Lebanon

An ICDP project will soon be starting in Lebanon, in connection with the work of the Jusoor organization.

Jusoor (which means bridges in Arabic) is an NGO representing a community of Syrian expatriates based in Lebanon working together to support the country and people’s continued development despite the current circumstances.

Jusoor is helping Syrian youth realize their potential through programmes in the fields of education, career development, and global community engagement It is a non-political organization with strictly no ties to any political entity. Jusoor’s programmes do not differentiate according to political views, ethnicity, religion or gender.

Jusoor runs three schools in Lebanon and this year they have hired Michelle Mac Donald who will start working as a counsellor for teachers and parents in August 2016. She will be offering emotional support to parents who are struggling in their relationship with their children, as well as to teachers who have issues with their pupils and will also be working directly with children who have behavioural issues in school.

Michelle will be assuming a role as caregiver with the children and as an advisor with adults, who are all displaced from across the border, from Syria. She will be introducing ICDP to both teachers and parents in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon - this work will start in September 2016. Michelle has been receiving training  in ICDP by Nicoletta Armstrong, who will continue to provide ongoing support.

Jusoor: “As a community of Syrians living around the world we are working together to launch programmes for the benefit of the Syrian community inside and outside Syria. We are committed to supporting the country’s development and drawing on the vast talents and experience of our global members to overcome the challenges. Jusoor believes that youth in Syria should have access to profoundly better opportunities. In particular, we hope for a nation that embraces democracy, respects human rights and rule of law and encourages free speech and the exchange of ideas. We hope for a country that offers its people high standards of living underpinned by a strong education system. And we hope for a country that promotes opportunity, in which every young woman and man grows up with hope and dreams for the future and finds opportunities within the country’s borders.”

There are 1,000 Syrians enrolled in Jusoor’s academic programmes, and there are 200 academic scholarships, including a refugee education programme, a scholarship programme and academic mentorships. This year Jusoor has launched a TV campaign along with Memac Oglivy Jeddah, who worked pro-bono to help create the campaign, to raise awareness for the needs of these children.