ICDP network conference in Ukraine

ICDP Ukraine is hosting a network conference in Kharkov, the first one ever to be held in the country.

The ICDP Ukraine network conference is taking place on the 8th and 9th of October 2018 and it will be attended by 60 facilitators and the local team of trainers. Ana Truhan (on photo above), ICDP Ukraine chair informs:

ICDP in Ukraine continues to develop actively. There are already many people familiar with the programme and it receives consistently positive feedback. We are invited to many events dedicated to the family and the upbringing of children as representatives of ICDP in Ukraine. We do not have enough time to attend all events. Therefore, we offer facilitators who already have sufficient work experience to present ICDP at various forums and conferences. This became possible because  we have established a structure for ICDP in Ukraine  with coordinators in different cities. This is important for interaction, exchange of information and experience. On 22 and 23rd of September 2018, the Psychology Global Forum will be held in Odessa, where the facilitator ICDP Irina Ilinova (from Odessa) will conduct a workshop on the ICDP "Three Factors of Effective Dialogue with the Child". On 29th of September in Kharkov, the First Parent Forum will be held. ICDP facilitator Irina Sergeeva (from Kharkiv) will conduct a workshop on the "Eight principles of a good dialogue with the child from the International  Child Development Programme".

We have facilitators who conduct parent groups in Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev, Severodonetsk, Vinnitsa. Many of them will be coming to the conference. Two new groups of the facilitators received training this year in Kharkov and one group in Odessa. These groups included school psychologists, psychologists and teachers at children's development centers, medical clinical psychologists who work with children in medical institutions, psychologists from charities and the International Red Cross organization. One new group of facilitators received training in Vinnitsa and in this group there were psychologists from different educational institutions.

In each area we have appointed coordinators and these coordinators from different cities asked us to organize meetings where the facilitators could share their experience and tell about their achievements. After receiving this request we organized an exchange through an an online conference, which was held on the 21 and 22nd of August.  ICDP trainer Sergey Krasin and I together with the facilitators, conducted master classes for 9 hours (three days for 3 hours each day). We shared our experience in the webinar room. Each evening, 28-30 people attended the event.

We are very pleased that thanks to Marianne Fresjara who raised the necessary funds in Norway, we now have an opportunity to meet facilitators in person and to work with them at the forthcoming conference in Kharkov.

On the first day of the conference the trainers will give master classes and the facilitators will be able to observe the work of different trainers who will work in pairs. Then on the second day the facilitators will conduct master classes and will share their experiences. Special time is allocated for discussion and exchange of information. There will be a Resolution from the conference participants which will be sent to the Ministry of Education and to the Institute for the Quality of Education of Ukraine.