ICDP starts in Nicaragua

ICDP and INPRHU (Instituto de Promocion Humana) established cooperation with a shared vision for ICDP expansion in the municipality of Ocotal, Nicaragua.

For more information about INPRHU follow this link: http://www.icdp.info/icdp-in-ocotal

Aura Estela Mendoza, from INPRHU, invited members of her organization and also several other organizations in Ocotal to participate in the ICDP training with the hope of reaching a large number of families and children at risk with the ICDP programme in the future.

The first workshop was held on the premises of the Red Cross, during the second week in November 2016, and it was conducted by Nicoletta Armstrong, who was accompanied by Monica Andersson. A group of 30 people attended, including INPRHU educators, social workers and teachers, as well as a few young volunteers. The workshop was very well received. The group enriched all discussions around the ICDP themes with a wealth of personal experience. The training will continue in 2017.

Very strong interest in ICDP was expressed by the Ministry of Education (MINED). They plan to spread ICDP through the education network - ICDP was told that there are 18 schools and 27 preschools with the potential of receiving the ICDP training.