ICDP progress in Chicago

The Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation (CCWF), Geneva, Illinois, USA, offers the intergenerational ICDP USA program to care for the emotional health and well-being of children and parents in supportive, community-based learning environments. 

Our goal is to enhance positive development and family relationships, which will strengthen success in family, schools and community.  In turn, this serves to reduce an often intergenerational cycle of intra-familial violence, maltreatment and neglect by providing positive social/emotional, cognitive, and self-regulative development guidance and practice for both parents and children while also building supportive community for participating families over time.  This is of strong importance in Chicago and surrounding communities as 2016 proves to be an exceptionally violent year, especially for Chicago’s children.

Initiated in 2011, ICDP-USA has established 7 Trainers/Trainees, and nearly 150 Certified Facilitators / Facilitator Trainees by end of 2016.  Further, over 350 caregivers have gone through our programs, with at least 230 fully participated and “ICDP-certified,” while our program has reached nearly 1,200 children through their ICDP-participating parents, social workers, teachers, mental health professionals and caseworker/home visitors.  Over 50 children have taken part directly in our ICDP-USA Children’s Program, a parallel program to ICDP for Caregivers, which we will advance further in 2017!

Over the 9-20 week ICDP learning group programs, participants build a trusted, safe learning community with the goal of ensuring children have a better chance to have healthier, stable households and the ability to experience love and empathy as well as develop curiosity, critical thinking skills, positive discipline, self-regulation, and empathy for others. While the program is valuable to all parents and caregivers, it has also been successful with targeted groups of single parents, teen parents, parents with children with special needs, immigrant parents, incarcerated parents, parents in high violence neighborhoods, etc.

Read here their full report and evaluation summary.