ICDP with fathers in Georgia

A successful story of connection and hope.

Report from ICDP trainer Nino Margvelashvili:

During March and April 2019, in Tbilisi , I was honoured to invite  fathers and together with them embark on this amazing adventure of exploring the eight principles of positive interaction. The training was held in Ziferblat Tbilisi, on behalf of my own organization Kaikona that brings opportunities to help individuals, families and communities to connect and see each other with more compassionate eyes.

It was the first experience of working with all male participants only. Meetings were held twice a week for two hours throughout 5 weeks. Preparations for each session were specifically tailored to them. The way discussions, role plays and games were unfolding was stimulating, compelling and refreshing. Just their being together was beautiful. It has to be noted that none of the participants have ever attended group trainings or workshops before acknowledging the huge power, purpose, love and motivation their own children seemed to fill them in taking this step forward in their fatherhood. The age range of their children was from newborns to 12 years old.

Here are some testimonials from the courageous, funny, interesting and supportive fathers.

“This course helped me to understand how important it is to give attention and time to our children. Thanks to this course and getting to know the main principles I eventually systematized my actions that I was already doing without awareness. Now I think ahead how to approach each incident related to children with these principles. I spend more time interacting with my children and I observe our relationships more.”

“Group work was very positive and educational. We were all listening to each other’s ideas and perspectives. We were all different, with different upbringing methods and visions and still, we were able to get to the common understanding in the end.  The differences we shared were actually the catalysts of our progress as we were discovering the positive and negative traits in ourselves that we were not noticing before.”

“I feel thrilled by discovering ICDP and I see huge vital potential of positive changes for eve-ryone. It nurtures the hope for better future.”

“You directed our attention towards the essential themes, like empathy, how to transfer our relationships into more positive outlook… This training gave all participants more confi-dence, that we have the power to be more caring and more involved in upbringing.
I think we also realized that child’s upbringing is not only mum’s responsibility and it is cool to be a good father…It is very important what kind of persons our children will flourish into.. Will they grow with old stereotypes that as we see was not effective or will they be empathic, free, open minded, creative and resilient?”

“I can say it out loud that I am a better father and better spouse than I was before joining the course.”


Nino says that from September 2019 she is planning to reach out with the ICDP programme to more caregivers in Tbilisi and afterwards she wishes to reach the whole country with the help of new caring facilitators.