ICDP youth to youth

Young people are key advisors for the process of adapting the ICDP programme in El Salvador.

"In 2018,  I prepared  a draft set of ICDP materials for use with parents of adolescents, which were then tested out and further adapted in cooperation with professionals from UNICEF, NGO called Educo and the Salvadoran Institute for Children and Adolescents (ISNA).  The new set of ICDP materials was published by UNICEF in 2019 and the ICDP facilitators have subsequently started to use it with groups of parents.

During 2019, with the same team we have been discussing the adaptation of the ICDP programme and its materials for use by adolescents themselves; the idea is for adolescents to be trained as ICDP facilitators who then implement the ICDP programme by working with groups of other adolescents. 

We designed a process of training and a pilot project, and the work on this was started in July 2019. In phase one, two groups of adolescents, one from San Salvador and the other from a rural area of the country, have received training in the ICDP programme.  They were introduced to the ICDP content and asked to try out the guidelines in relation to others. After that, in phase two of the project, they attended more workshops in which they had opportunities to deepen the topics and make suggestions in terms of adaptation of the materials and content.  In this phase, trainers Carolina Montoya and Lucy Mejia from ICDP Colombia, joined the team - they prepared the latest workshops for young people, which were held in November 2019 (see photos of young people above and below this text). 

The phase three is a pilot project: it will involve selecting a core group of young people who will become trained as ICDP facilitators in order to deliver the ICDP programme to other young people. Throughout the pilot project, our adult team will include the young facilitators and together we will monitor and evaluate the process.

Adapting ICDP for delivery by adolescent to other adolescdents has proved to be an exciting project for all members of our team.  There is a lot of enthusiasm and a great commitment from Educo, ISNA and UNICEF who are providing financial support and spearheading the work on the ground. The adolescents themselves are already showing some promising results in terms of the engagement and interest - it is particularly gratifying that they found all ICDP topics meaningful and pertinent to their  young lives. The youth to youth approach will be piloted and finalized in El Salvador during 2020." - Nicoletta Armstrong, ICDP.