ICDP multidisciplinary project

ICDP has been working with several international consultants from different partner organizations in Canada and Peru to develop a project proposal for a new ICDP multidisciplinary project in Lima, Peru.

The project aims to combine ICDP with nutritional and health messages, as well as teaching families to grow vegetables in community gardens and at home.

This initiative is building on the existing collaboration between ICDP and the University Inca Garcilaso Vega (UIGV) in Lima, and is planned to take place in the poor community of Pachacamac, an hour drive south of Lima. This project proposes to train a group of 30 student nurses at the UIGV to use the ICDP programme "I am a person" together with nutritional messages directed to improve caregiver child interaction and nutritional habits of 100 families in Pachacamac. The target group are families whose children are under 3 years of age.

Pachacamac (on photo above) is characterized by desert conditions with scarce vegetation and its population has a very low socio-economic status, with high incidents of malnourishment in children. Father Zavaleta Perez, a well-known figure in Pachacamac agreed to work closely with the ICDP Peru trainers and he will be introducing them to the community families and other relevant actors that can contribute to the project. His church will also offer space for ICDP workshops and provide a piece of land adjacent to the church where the project will be working with families to improve local food growing. ICDP has gained the support of the Dean of Faculty of Nursing at UIGV, who cooperates closely with the Peruvian Association of Nursing Schools and whose vision for the future is to spread the ICDP programme through their network of over forty schools.

It is hoped that the project will start in March 2017, provided the funding is in place by then.

Click here to read the literature review prepared for this project.