Initiative to strengthen ICDP in Boyaca

ICDP welcomes the development of a new project that will revive ICDP in many municipalities in the largest department of Colombia.

The Secretariat for Human Development of the Government of Boyacá is responsible for this new ICDP initiative and the project director is Adriana Pilar Camacho León the current Human Development Secretary.
The person who instigated this new project is Gladys Constanza Medina Brandon, but she is not new to ICDP: in 2004 she attended ICDP training by Nicoletta Armstrong and subsequently she was instrumental in opening doors for ICDP in all of the 123 municipalities of Boyacá – at that time Gladys was the First Lady of the department, her husband was the Governor of Boyacá.

ICDP has been present in the Department of Boyacá since 2004, and Gladys felt that it was important to resume and strengthen the delivery of the ICDP programme “También soy Persona” (“I am a person too”) in 30 municipalities where ICDP has already been implemented. Through this work it is also hoped to strengthen public policy on early childhood and family.

The “ICDP mochila”  (ICDP toolkit) has already been purchased from the ICDP Colombia Foundation and ICDP trainer Luis Fernando Lopez Cardozo was hired by the Human Development Secretariat in order to lead the training; and it is hoped that Nicoletta will give support to the project in 2017.