Update from the Institute of Relational Psychology

"2016 proved to be a great, innovative year for ICDP in Denmark."

"At our institute we continue to educate many professionals, educators in kindergartens, teachers, social workers and psychologists who are all interested in applying the ICDP programme.

We are pleased to say that the ICDP method was approved by the Danish Social Agency and most municipalities in Denmark have knowledge of ICDP to varying degrees.

This year we are responsible for organizing the annual National Conference about ICDP. We have decided to focus on the ICDP basic values, which are of fundamental importance when working with the programme. The Conference will take place in November and hopefully it will be well attended as usual.

We are looking forward to an interesting and busy year – and we are still going strong with ICDP."

- Annette Groot, psychologist and supervisor at the Institut of Relationspsykologi.

Link to the institute: http://relationspsykologi.dk/