Introduction of ICDP to Estonia

ICDP Facilitator level training is about to begin for participants from Estonia.

A new project called "lCDP parent-facilitator training to improve the social skills of parents in the neighbourhood" aims to form a new group of ICDP Facilitators in Estonia. 

This project builds on a longstanding cooperation between Estonian municipalities and the Estonian Association of Central Norway that has been ongoing since 1992. 

In 2018, the municipalities of Tapa asked the Estonian Association of Central Norway to help them introduce ICDP in Estonia, which resulted in the formulation of this new ICDP project, which is set to start in October 2019. 

The project leader is Grete Hyldmo, headmistress of the Queen Maud Memorial Preschool in Trondheim, Norway (photo above is of this preschool).  She will conduct the training together with Hege Beate Sivertsen - they both have extensive experience as ICDP trainers in Trondheim. They will hold the first ICDP workshop for the Estonian group on the 4th of October 2019. 

The ICDP training will be attended by ten Estonian participants from the municipality of Tapa and three Russian participants from Narva. Translations will be provided for both languages. The ICDP workshops will take place in Trondheim, but the participants' self-training practice will be in Estonia, where they will apply ICDP with groups of parents over a period of 8 weekly meetings. 

Grete and Hege plan to organize a lot of interactive exercises, discussions and practice. They will visit Tapa in February and March 2020, to offer guidance to trainee facilitators during their self-training practice. 

The plan is for the new group of facilitators to receive their ICDP certificates by June 2020.