Government launch of ICDP in Boyaca

ICDP was launched by the government of the department of Boyacá, Colombia.

"This is to inform you that on the 9th of May there was an important event, the official launch of the ICDP programme in the department of Boyacá.

The launch was attended by a number of people from the local government including the Director of the Department, Dr Johana Amaya Rodriquez. Representatives of different government institutions attended the event and from the ICDP side we had the presence of Carmen Lucia Andrade, the ICDP Colombia chair .

This event took a lot of preparation over the last three months entailing different activities:
• The government office established cooperation with ICDP in order to make plans for the new ICDP project to be rolled out in different parts of the Department of Boyacá.

• The ICDP methodology was presented to work teams at the Human Development Secretariat and at the Technical Department for Families of the government of Boyacá.

• The Revision of Departmental Family Programmes and strategies had the purpose of including ICDP in the overall action plans.

• It was decided that the ICDP programme delivery will be part of a broader initiative in parallel with other government interventions for families and children under the name: SOY COMO TU (I AM AS YOU ARE), but the ICDP name and logo will be respected and displayed.

• It was decided for the ICDP intervention to take place in a selected number of the 123 municipalities of Boyacá - the selection process was based on statistics showing levels of domestic violence and violence against children, prioritizing high risk areas.

• An agreement was established about the process of ICDP training and follow up schedules.

It is my pleasure to share with you the radio announcements, the banner and the posters from the launch.

I am actually employed by the Boyacá government office and will coordinate the ICDP process, with supervision from Carmen Lucia Andrade. I share this news and at the same time wish to thank you Nicoletta for your support and the joint work. ”

 –Luis Fernando Lopez Cardozo, ICDP trainer.

Photo below: Carmen Lucia Andrade and Luis Fernando Lopez Cardozo